To treadmill buyers, it is important that they do not only get a unit that is offered at a good price. They want to make sure that they are getting it at a good quality as well. If quality and value is what you are looking for, then there is to better choice than the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill.

People will like the idea that the unit is quite easy to set up. The instructions are clear and concise and following them to the tee means that you will have the unit up and running in twenty minutes or less. So, you do not necessarily have to sweat it out wondering whether you have attached the necessary parts the right way.

This is a device that can be used not only for walking, but for jogging as well. If you are hoping to get some more intense exercise session on this equipment, then you will not be disappointed. It is designed to take on who weight of a user whether he is walking on the surface or actually jogging.

There are some people that may have had issue with the sturdiness of the unit. Majority of the people that have tried it out before were actually fine with the way it works and it functions, many have reported that the device is quite efficient when running and it is sturdy. There are no rattles or thumps and humps as well while it is operational.

If you hate the idea of running on a motor that seems way too noisy or has that annoying humming sound on it, then the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill will make a fine choice for you. It is quiet so, you will never have to constantly worry that you might annoy an obnoxious neighbor from all the workout session that you expect to be doing on the machine. At the figures that it is being offered at, this is definitely one unit that you are not going to be disappointed with.