If you are looking for a treadmill that is durable as it is reasonably priced, you will never really go wrong with Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill. Now, you can expect to overcome your goals in fitness with simple convenience along with incredible comfort.

This is a unit that is expected to maximize your workout results by about ten percent. Users are able to enjoy the 18 workout applications that the product comes with. The Led Display features a Multi-window function. The equipment also offers Airstride cushioning for better comfort levels when running on the belt. At the same time, it features the awesome horsepower from the G-Force 2 motor.


Users will love the incline control of the unit that features a 0 to 10 selection. It is easy for the users to monitor their heart rate while exercising too through the Dual-grip PowerPulse feature. This is a good device for those people who are starting heavy as well as it is perfect in accommodating as much as 300 pounds.

If there is one con that buyers might find with the machine though, it is the fact that it tends to run a little on the noisy side. This might be a bother to some people when working out at home and there are also those who have found the device to work on variable speeds and not on steady ones. These are quite minor through compared to what one gets in exchange for the price that the unit is being offered at.

Buyers will be delighted to know that at this current price, this equipment features a lifetime warranty for its frame. There is also a 25-year warranty for the motor. In addition, the equipment is offered with a 1 year warranty for both labor and parts-making it one of the best deals that the market has seen in recent years.