What are the different types of treadmills?

The market these days offers two types of treadmills- the manual and the motorized one. A manual treadmill does not have a motorized belt and it is not powered by electricity. This means that they are powered by the footsteps of the runners. They are the cheapest and hence, are recommended for those who want to get a treadmill on a type budget. Motorized treadmills are powered by electricity and are considered the conventional ones. They are perfect for those who want to work out without having to worry about the risks of injuries or over exerting themselves.

How much do I need to spend to get a treadmill machine?

Buying a treadmill machine is considered an important investment. You usually get what you pay for. However, there are usually three categories as far as price goes when you purchase one. There is the budget, mid-range and quality brackets. Budget pricing usually ranges from $500-1500. Mid-range buys can range from $1500-$3000. Meanwhile, quality buys will usually start from $3000 and up.

How much Space Will my treadmill machine require at home?

It is important to understand that fitness equipment like this can require quite a considerable amount of space. On average, these treadmills will have a dimension of 3 feet wide by 7 feet long. So, it is important to devote a considerable portion of your room to accommodate it. For people who are lacking space at home, collapsible units are also available where they can just be folded and stored when not in use.

What horsepower and motor speed should I look for?

A lot of people that are likely to start using the treadmill may be people who are on the obese side or are quite overweight. So, it is important to consider your weight when you decide on the horsepower and the motor of the machine. Heavier people will also end up putting a heavier load on the equipment. This is why it is advised to go for those equipment that will have around 1.75 to 2 horsepower to ensure that this is going to be a continuous duty unit that you will be using.


What type of treadmill frame should I choose?

Go for those treadmills that have steel frames. Make sure that they have a coating that makes them rust-resistant as well. You would want to avoid frames that are bolted as well those that are made from materials that can be deemed as less durable. You would not want to steer clear from those machines that do not offer a lifetime guarantee for their frames, as this can be an indication of the sub-par quality of the equipment.

Should I buy models that are cheaper or ones that are pricier?

Despite how people tend to say that price is not an indication of quality, in most cases with treadmills, it is. You tend to get what you pay for. So, the more money this equipment will cost you, the more reliable and durable they tend to be. Remember that cheaper models tend to have poorer quality as well. There is really a need for you to have to spend $3000, but if you are hoping to get a good quality unit, expect to spend around $600- $1200.