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Whether you are looking for a treadmill in the store or online, the challenge of finding the best quality and bang for your buck can prove to be a real struggle. Before deciding to purchase a treadmill, it is absolutely essential that you conduct thorough research, read a treadmill buyers guide and know exactly what features you are really after in a treadmill. Treadmills can be expensive, so it is a decision and purchase you must be informed about before spending such a significant amount of cash. With our help, we are sure you will be able to make a more confident and better choice when you pick your treadmill. Our goal is to inform you as best as we can. In order to achieve this, we have created a very detailed list of some of the best treadmills on the market with excellent feedback from consumers. We have made sure to include reviews that are acceptable for every kind of budget, varying levels quality, and with different types of modifications, so that we can give you well-rounded options when it comes to picking a treadmill. As the customer, we recognize that you should be as informed as possible, which is why we dedicated so much time and effort into compiling the best list and reviews possible.

Our Favourite Treadmills


For runners that are interested in a feature heavy treadmill with plenty of workout programs, the Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 treadmill is a solid choice. With 18 workout apps, multi-window LED display, and being compatible with Apple electronic devices, runners are not going to be disappointed in having the most versatile option possible. Runners can also manipulate the speed, incline, and monitor their heart rate while running, ensuring that they are getting their best work out every time. This machine is great for both beginners and seasoned athletes as it has a great motor, Airstride cushioning, and workout fan to get runners through every session. Given that this particular machine is usually found in Gold’s Gym, runners can be sure that they are investing into a very durable and reliable piece of machinery. For people that are just wanting a simple treadmill, this probably isn’t the best option. Backed with a lifetime frame warranty, 25-year motor warranty, and with a standard one-year parts and labor warranty, this particular treadmill really is one of the more well-rounded options.




Don’t have much space but still want a treadmill? Then this is the best choice! This treadmill has a Space Saver design, meaning that it is capable of folding up vertically for storage. Another heavy featured treadmill, this comes with 18 built-in workout routines that are excellent for beginners that may need a jumpstart to getting their running going. The ProForm 505 CST also has the capabilities for quick incline, speed control, and has a weight limit of up the 325 pounds. This particular treadmill has a floorboard that is designed with shock absorbers to that will both lengthen the longevity of life for the treadmill, but is also an excellent support for the runner’s body. Equipped with excellent speakers and iPod capabilities, runners are able to enjoy their music in style when they are running on this treadmill. One of the major drawbacks about the ProForm compared to the Gold’s Gym treadmill is that it doesn’t come with as good of a warranty. For people that are more concerned with convenience and easy storage than guarantees on investment, this treadmill is the perfect choice.



For people that are mostly interested in purchasing a treadmill that is for walking, then the Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill is perfect. Designed to fold easily and safely, this is an excellent treadmill for people that need to store their machines safely. This isn’t a treadmill that is jam packed with tons of work out features, as it only comes with 9 built-in work out programs and doesn’t have speakers to play music from. With a tablet holder and large LCD display, reading a book or setting up a device to play a show is quite simple. This particular machine is also limited in that there are only three incline levels that the runner can use, unlike the standard ten that many treadmills are equipped with. Furthermore, this isn’t the best machine for larger people in that both the weight limit and dimensions don’t warrant a large build of person to work out on the machine. But what is great about the Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill is that it is a perfect option for people that are already physically fit and want to just have a basic treadmill to run.



A treadmill probably couldn’t get any more basic than the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill. For people that can’t lift heavy equipment or struggle of maneuver big and bulky items around, this treadmill is the best option because it is light and folds up. Designed to be fully functional in the most basic ways possible, this treadmill comes with just six personal trainer workouts, has a manual 2-position incline, and comfort cell cushioning making it a great option for users that value simplicity and practicality. This treadmill is very small compared to normal treadmills in gyms, so larger built people probably should look into other options before they buy this particular piece of equipment. Suitable for both runners and walkers, this treadmill is predicated on simplicity, ease of use, and straightforward design so that the user can get as much out of it as possible. People that are looking to have automatic inclines and complex built-in workout features should probably seek to buy another treadmill.


One of the more expensive treadmills, this piece practically has it all! Going above and beyond, the Schwinn 830 Treadmill has a speed of up to 12 mph, a 12% incline, and a large surface for users to run. Even more, this particular treadmill comes ready with a high-resolution LCD monitor that allows users to build up to two user profiles and export their fitness progress to either schwinnconnect.com or myfitnesspal.com. Built in speakers, fan, and heart sensors keep runners motivated and cool as they work on their fitness goals. Aimed at helping intense runners maintain their body’s health, this treadmill has a soft drop folding system and 2.5 inch crowned rollers. This is a great option for larger build as the dimensions of the treadmill and the weight capacity allow bigger people the opportunity to work out. Yes, this treadmill is extremely well developed and luxurious, but for some this may prove to be too much in both features and money.



Facts about Treadmills

History of Treadmills


One of the most popular pieces of equipment that people use for fitness these days, it would be the treadmill. A fixture that is quite very common to see in gyms and fitness centers as well as in many homes, it has become one of the best known equipment that are being used by people who are committed towards achieving healthier and fitter body. Getting a good idea how it came to be and how it has attained such a popular status in the fitness world would be worth taking a look into.

It should be known that the tread wheel or the tread mill was introduced back in the height of the rule of the Roman Empire. This was around the late parts of the first century AD. It was invested when the Romans have found out that they have to lift weights that are significantly heavier. They have decided to incorporate the use of the treadmill is instead of relying on the winches on their cranes. When using this type of treadmill, the men will usually have to walk within the actual wheel due to the fact that the diameter of this ancient treadmill is significantly larger. This innovation allowed them to successfully light two times the weight but at heal the number of people needed.

1388468306c2gtjAround the 1800sfarmer needed to find a power source that is more consistent compared to the unreliable natural resources that power stationary machines, in the past, they used to rely on water and on wind, but they can be quite unreliable. These farmers have actually discovered that the use of treadmills can help capture the braking capacity of a horse. This has even led to the coining of the term horse power as the measurement of the force that is needed to operate these machines. This was based on the pulling capacity of average draft horses.

Afterward, smaller versions of these treadmills were introduced to the general public as a means of addressing many of the day to day domestic operations in their lives. These treadmills were able to produce reciprocating and rotary powers that are quite useful in the operation of many light machinery. Among the machines that unitize the use of these smaller type of treadmills were those churns that are used to make butter, grind stones, cream separators, as well as fanning mills.

The use of the treadmill further revolved again during the Victorian era. A British engineer named William Cubitt invested in what is known as the prison treadmill. This is installed in prison systems intended for hard labor. They were designed towards being used as a way to employ those useful convicts and harness their power at being productive. These prisoners will have to work the wheels. They will then be able to produce power that is used in pumping water or in grinding corn. Some of these treadmills did serve such very practical purposes. But there are some that were used just as a form of punishment. It was abolished in 1889 though through the Prisons Act where it was recognized that labor performed within prison systems needs to have constructive purposes.


Around the year 1952, the treadmill was first used for medical purposes. Dr. Robert Bruce pioneered the idea. He was from the University of Washington, this cardiologist conducted research along with Wayne Quinton, his co-worker towards monitoring and then diagnosing the various heart conditions and diseases that people suffer from. Through the findings that he has unearthed, he was able to develop the Bruce Protocol. This is a diagnostic test that is used towards evaluating the cardiac function, an invention that is pretty much prevalently used even today. Bruce is considered as the founder of Exercise Cardiology.

Later on, the use for treadmills evolved further making them useful for exercises. It was Bill Staub along with Dr. Kenneth Cooper that first brought the very first exercise treadmill for home use to the market. It was through Aerobics Inc. The popularity of this home exercise equipment both in many homes and in gyms eventually grew exponentially between the 1960s to the 1970s.

In the year 1991, the company Life Fitness produced the very first treadmill on this line. Called the 9500HR, this is an equipment that took about a week to get assembled. The unit included a system for shock absorption which is known as the FlexDeck that is aimed at reducing the stress on the joints of the user by around 30 percent. This is in comparison to the shock that people are likely to get on their joints if they are to run on concrete.

gym-room-1181815_960_720Today, the treadmill has become a fixture not only in fitness facilities, but in many homes as well. They now come in varying designs and types. They can come in varying prices as well. There are treadmills that are offered at a cheaper rate but with lesser features and there are more comprehensive ones that boast of some very extensive features on them. Buyers can now choose from the manual type to those treadmills that are motorized and powered by electricity.

The innovations do not only stop with that. These equipment can now be available in varying dimensions as well. This allows people to actually pick out those units that would fit the kind of setting they have at home as far as space goes. There are even ones that can be folded and stored when not in use to make it easier for people with smaller home spaces to still be able to own one and enjoy the benefits of being able to exercise and work out without the need to go outside.

Over time, the features of these equipment have revolved as well. Back on the day, the things that are attaché do these devices were limited. The features were very minimal. Nowadays, users can even choose to get treadmills that are equipped with LCD monitors, has connectivity to mp3 players, built in speakers, and even those that have monitors to check the heart rate of the user. With the increasing interest among the general populace to remain fit and trim at all times, it is not really surprising to see this device becoming more and more of a fixture in many homes.

It should be known that the tread wheel or the tread mill was introduced back in the height…


What Are The Best Known Treadmill Brands?


If you are interested in getting a treadmill, you would definitely want to make sure that what you are getting is worth what you are paying for. The market offers quite a wide variety of choices for you to select from and you need to be sure that you are only going for choices that would be most useful for you. Working out will be easier and more convenient moving forward since you will have your own device to utilize for this purpose. You just need to pick the best brands that the market can offer.

One of the top names in the treadmill market these days is the NordicTrack. Their machines come with one of the most comprehensive set of features as well as functions that running equipment should have. Their units boast not only of excellent features, but of sheer durability too, making it an ideal choice for people who expect to work out on the regular. The best feature of these units is the fact that the deck can decline to further enhance the workout performance. They can be somewhat heavy though. So, moving out around or getting it set up may be a little challenging and will require more than two hands.

People on treadmillsLifespan Fitness is another highly regarded name in the treadmill market too. They have treadmills that range from the compact units to the PRO ones. The line currently boats of seven models that have successfully secured awards from various websites focused on fitness including health Magazine and Fitness Professor among others. Their most popular folding product is the TR100 which is a compact treadmills that features a belt that is 17 inches wide and is able to fold upward to as much as 11 inches. This is powered by a motor registering at 15 in horsepower.

Precor is another top of the line manufacturer of treadmills too. It is currently led by the 9.31 model that has secured the Best Buy award from Treadmill Doctor. It uses two of the trademark advances that the company is quite known for. It has the technology that uses shock absorbers that were built into its deck to provide cushion for the feet and to help minimize the impact that is usually felt by the body.

There is also True. True Fitness has been a known manufacturer of both commercial and residential treadmills. To so currently led by the PS300 that has been considered as one of the top ten machines by Treadmill Doctor. The unit claims t feature the largest running surface through the 21 inches width of its belt. It has the Cruise Control feature too that makes it easier to adjust speed as well as the intensity of the workout to ensure that the target heart rate of the user is successfully maintained throughout the entire duration of the workout session.

Buyers will actually do well by taking the time to find out what are the choices that are present for them before you decide to take a pick, they have to be sure that they are able to take a look at the various features that various manufacturers offer and compare these features to their workout needs; thus, at the end of the day, they get a unit that is not only reasonable in price, but is superior in quality, performance, and durability as well.


What Criteria to Look Out For When Purchasing a Treadmill?


If you are interested in working out at home despite the weather conditions outside, a treadmill is going to be one machine that you can really rely on. This is going to be a good investment especially if you are committed to ensuring that you get to perform your running sessions on the regular any time and every time you wish to. With so many choices to select from in the market these days, it does help when you are aware of the many things that you have to look out for before you decide to choose one.

Beautiful brunette on a treadmillYou will need to decide on how much you are willing to spend. It is important to note that these devices can be expensive depending on what you will choose to go for. It is important to note though that in making the purchase, price can really dictate the quality of these equipment, this is one of those instances where what you are willing to pay for can affect what you are getting in return. A good price to pay if you are really aiming at getting a reliable and durable treadmill would be around $600 to $1200.

You will have to decide whether you want a treadmill that is run manually or one that is run by a motor. There are certain benefits that you can get from each of these choices so learning what these are should help you decide better. For instance, manual treadmills are lighter. They are cheaper as well since they do not have a lot of components. Since they do not have a motor that is used to run them, these are equipment that will not require any extensive nor constant maintenance, manual treadmills cost less too and are perfect for buyers who are a little tight on their budget.

Motorized treadmills are considered as the conventional choice. The motors are run through electricity. One of the best things about these kinds of treadmills is the fact that they are less strenuous on the joints and knees of the users due to the fact that it is the motor that is used to help the belt run. The speed and the inclination of the unit can be customized to fit the capacity of the runner. Hence, making them less prone to injuries and to getting hurt.

Treadmill isolated

It is important to focus on the feature of the treadmills that you are getting. A lot of people have noted that one of the things that tend to kill the mood when they try to run on their treadmills is boredom. This easy to get bored when you do not have anything to vary the routine that you are doing many modern treadmills offer such considerable features to make it possible for people to customize their workout experience.

Durability and the ability of the machine to take on your weight is very important too. It is important that you are able to check its ability to hold your weight especially if you are starting out to be on the heavier side. Make sure that the horsepower is at least 1.75 or higher so you are sure that is will remain working and functional despite regular use.


What Is A Treadmill?


If you have always been a fan of running, but just could not find the time to pursue it considering your busy schedule, running indoors can be an option for you. Thanks to treadmills, it is now easy for you to be able to get those legs worked out even when you will just stay in the comfort of your own home. Understanding how the equipment works and whatever benefits it can provide you with if you decide to invest on one will definitely help make it easier for you to make the decision of actually purchasing a unit for yourself.

Woman on the treadmillWhat you are getting with a treadmill is the all-weather advantage. Sure, you may not be able to enjoy the varied terrains that a run outdoors can provide you with, but having such an exercise equipment at home means that you can get to your running session uninterrupted regardless of the weather outside. Treadmills are designed in a way that makes it possible for you to customize their speed and their slope too you to ensure that you are indeed getting the kind of workout that you desire.

These stationary cardio machines allow you to jog, walk, or run indoors. They usually have adjustable speeds as well as inclines to allow you to introduce variety in your workouts. You can simulate a hill with only a single push of a button. Many commercial treadmills can go fast with some having the ability to reach 12mph.there are those that can reach inclines at ten percent or even higher. The feature of many home models can also vary according to their price. If you want to opt for less expensive ones, then lighter and manual types will be the right choice for you. Heavier models and the motorized types tend to cost more.

People who can benefit a lot from the presence of these workout equipment in their homes are often those who are committed to the idea of being able to perform their running workouts even in the comfort of their homes. They may have certain reasons that prevent them from going outside as in the case of weather, being tight with their schedule, or not having the time and the energy to have to drive to the nearest gym.

Laufband im FitnessstudioThis is perfect for people who are just beginning to work out and are quite apprehensive at the idea of being out of doors and running around the neighborhood where they might not feel that secure or safe. With the equipment being stationed inside their homes, they are sure to not miss out on their exercise session while at the same time, feeling such ease that they do not have to be out of their comfort zone in doing so.

Some misconceptions about these exercise machines is the fact that some think that they are inferior compared to actual outdoor running. This is not the case. The fact that treadmills can be customized to fit the speed and inclination that a user wants to work out on make them really handy tools. The fact that they are also available to use despite whatever the weather conditions are outside make them a very good investment for people who are truly committed at staying fit and healthy at all times.


What types of Treadmill are there?


If you are hoping to secure your very own home gym equipment, then nothing would beat the good old treadmill. Reliable and time-tested to be a handy workout equipment suitable for home settings, it is not a surprise to see a lot of people actually wanting to own a machine for themselves. Those that are committed to the idea of being able to work out if and when they wish to would love the idea of having such a device in their homes.

This piece actually started out as a simple machine. Now, it has actually transformed into something that is a little complex but customers will actually be delighted over the fact that their choices now are plenty and that these devices tend to come with such incredible and interesting features in them to actually make them want to get their own. If you have plans on getting one for your home use, it helps when you have a good idea of the different types of these equipment so you are confident that you can pick out the right one for your needs.

Young man training in the gymBeing aware of the different types of treadmills allows you to determine which unit will be most idea for the kind of workout that you want to pursue the kind of home setting that you have. You need to understand that different types of these workout machines may have different characteristics. So, it helps that you gather details about these devices first in order for you to pick out one that is going to be ideal for the workout needs you have at home.

Doing your homework before you will decide to settle on a certain type of treadmill is always advised. You have to remember that jumping the gun once you see the first unit is never a good idea. If you want to make sure that you are taking the right pick and going for the choice that will truly suit your needs best. Then you have to take the time to learn what your options are and what can be expected of them. You need to know the pros and the cons of the different types of treadmills around so you are able to secure that unit that will truly maximize your workout.

young man running at treadmill in gymManual treadmills are non motorized ones. They are not run by electricity and are instead run though the motion of the person who is using it. One of the advantages of these units is the fact that they tend to be lighter. This makes it easier for them to be moved and transported. They tend to be easier to fold as well and storing them is relatively easier. It should be noted that since there is no help from a motor, getting the able to move can be more challenging when using this kind of treadmill. Bur it is cheaper and hence, would be ideal for those who are on a very tight budget.

These machines are considered to be safe and simple. The belt is actually operated using only the movement of the user’s feet. The fact that it does not have any complex electrical mechanism that keeps it running means that it is not a unit that requires regular maintenance. They are smaller when compared to the conventional treadmills as well. It is expected too, that these types of units are likely going to have less features when compared to what the motorized treadmills can offer.

People should note that working out on a manual treadmill is expected to be more strenuous as well. It is expected to have such greater impact on the joints and the knees of the user due to the fact that he has to rely on his own movements in order to keep the belt in motion. This is why this kind of unit may not be very ideal for people who are likely to be prone to getting injured or hurt.

TreadmillThere are the motorized ones as well. The most important element in these kinds of treadmills is their horsepower. The best hp rating would usually be around 1.75 to 2.5. This should be a good enough figure especially for those people who are relatively heavier. In addition, people are advised to get those motors that run on a DC due to the fact that they tend to run quieter compared to how they would when they are run by an AC motor.

What is good with motorized treadmills is the fact that they offer various features and various elements that make working out on them interesting and less boring. Boredom can be a huge factor that may affect the motivation of people who are running indoors. With a motorized treadmill, users can expect that there are going to be a lot of additional features that are expected to help vary the kind of workout that you are doing. You can increase the speed or change the terrain and inclination to make the sessions more interesting an even more challenging.

Lastly, there are the folding treadmills. These are units that are perfect for people who would actually want to get a workout equipment despite the limited space that they have in their homes. These machines can be folded up the moment one is done with the workout session. Thus, making it a perfect choice for relatively smaller homes and settings where space is not really that big.

When you decide which treadmill to get and what type you should consider getting, it matters that you are able to consider the different features and the different characteristics that they have. You would not want to just go ahead and pick the first one you find rather, you want to do your homework and do all the necessary research to really identify which unit is going to work best for you and for your workout needs. Understanding how they are going to affect you both the good and the bad way will allow you to make a well-informed decision. So, always take your time to learn of all these options that are present for you to allow you to choose better.